A Guide to Successful YouTube-ing for Beginners!

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A Guide to Successful YouTube-ing for Beginners

YouTube is considered a heaven for artists, creative individuals, and anyone who wants to earn by teaching any personal skill to others. The site has helped many renowned artists in becoming famous simply by uploading a video that contained their art or skill. The site is a very effective medium for sharing new ideas, works of art, tutorials, educational and entertaining content, and so much more. The site has an extensive amount of content that is available for free and is the feature that makes it have millions of audience from all across the globe.

The platform gives all kind of artists and creative individuals a chance to demonstrate their potential in front of a huge audience and have instant response. Artists no longer have to give all that they have just to get a chance to present themselves to an international audience. They can do it by using this free platform and earn a decent amount of money by doing so.

However, to make a YouTube profile that will allow you to earn, you need to learn a few basics. There are a few small things other than your art that makes your channel more attractive for the visitors. If you are planning to create a YouTube channel that will help you earn a good fortune, you should continue reading this. Also, if you already have a YouTube channel and want to know how you can make it work for you, this article is for you, too.

1# Know How it Works

First of all, make sure you understand how YouTube works in order to have a functional strategy for your channel. You must understand that YouTube has an algorithm that prefers content that has certain attributes and neglects content that lacks those attributes. There are tricks and tips that can help you make your videos appear on the top of the search results.

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  • Every video that you post on your page must have a length of 5minutes. This is because the YouTube algorithm gives a priority to longer videos.
  • Make sure you put all the keywords in the filename as it also helps your video getting a superior position in the result list.
  • Catchy titles are very effective for grabbing the attention of your audience and increasing your video’s number of views.
  • YouTube categorizes videos based on the keywords given in the description section. So it is important to write a good description of where you use all the prominent keywords.

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2# A Profile That Will Represent You

A YouTube profile image is not a place where you should put whatever you personally like. YouTube profile image is one of the most influential factors of your YouTube channel and this is why it is really important to use a profile picture that will serve as your brand image. It should be striking, engaging, and memorable. The picture should also effectively convey the information about what your channel is all about.

3# Add Intros and Outros

Adding intros and outros in your videos provide you with many benefits and this is recommended to add intros and outros. They extend the length of the video without making the video boring for the viewers. In fact, it helps set an introductory theme for the videos and engages the audience. It also gives you a chance to present your brand name at the beginning of every video without causing any disruption. There are many online YouTube video intro maker who can provide you with effective intros at good price scheme.

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4# A Welcome Video Should be There to Welcome Visitors

It is a really good idea to have a welcome video on your page to welcome random visitors and turn them into subscribers. You can choose to put your best work as the intro or you can create a proper video where you introduce your channel along with the descriptions. It really depends on what you think would work better for you. Welcome videos can allow you to build a more interactive and welcoming image for the new audience.

5# Content Quality and Effectiveness

Last, but of course, not the least, you must neglect the quality of your content in order to succeed. Because it is the content that will strengthen your bond with your loyal audience and allow you to grow further by engaging more audience. You can attract an audience with various tricks and tactic to your channel but you are not providing good content, attracting them cannot assure success. Here are a few tips that will enhance the quality of your content.

  • Have a signature ritual in your videos to build your channel identity.
  • Always use good thumbnails for your videos.
  • Be consistent and post regularly in order to keep your viewers engaged.

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