A Model In Online Tech Trainings – 12 Questions With “The Blogger Scientists” Naabiae Nenubari

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A Model In Online Tech Trainings – 12 Questions With “The Blogger Scientists” Naabiae Nenubari

Everything we learnt in school from was obviously paid for in one way or another. Personally sharing ideas with some top Asian Bloggers on SEO, I stumbled upon the name Xycinews.

Undeniably, it was a media brand name. The founder was one who has trained a few of those Indians on SEO. His name is Naabiae Nenubari aka The Blogger Scientist. The CEO of www.xycinews.com.

His blog is so amazing with highly competitive SEO posts like mine ranking first page. Based on the first impression, Naabiae Nenubari shares his tech ideas with Philiptech


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A Model In Online Tech Trainings - 12 Questions With “The Blogger Scientists” Naabiae Nenubari

Q. What connection did you have with the Indians?

A. Funny sounding question (lol). Well, I am in a lot of Facebook groups, I stumbled across many complaints and learning SEO and blogging was among. So I took the opportunity to create a WhatsApp group where I taught 90 students plus.

Q. Did training them make any impact on them and you?

A. Yes, it seriously did. I have already helped two create their blog on wordpress and it’s hosted with Domainking. I have also gotten acknowledged by lot of references too.

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Q. How did you start your blog?

A. I started at my teenage age, though am still a teenager right now. I used lot of platforms including wordpress, blogger and utest. All was rooted in the fact that I have already published over 30 articles on different sites. I needed to have mine.

Wrapping up: A Model In Online Tech Trainings – 12 Questions With “The Blogger Scientists” Naabiae Nenubari

Q. What your blog aim?

A.  Exposing scams, Leaks and publishing honest reviews against all odds. My blog aims at being Africa’s Number one best leak and review blog.

Q. Woa, so interesting.

A. Additionally too, I really spent money to learn this seo, but it’s best to be determined and learn stuffs personally.

Q. What’s your traffic source, SEO ?

A. YES o. I grow my traffic from Google first page 80% of times, the rest 20% is from forums and social media platform.

Q. As a teenager, how do you blog ?

A. Sir, all this while till now I use my Android phone to blog. Maybe in the future I will have a laptop to ease my stress and give me more time for my schooling and books.

Q. Doesn’t your blog affect your schooling ?

A. It’s passion because I have almost quited blogging. I spend all my midnight hours most times so my visitors have something to feed on. After school, I read till 9pm and manage with that… it’s about time balancing.

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Q. What are the disadvantages of you using your phone to blog?

A. I type slowly, and I am an organic writer, not copy and paste type. It’s so disappointing and stressful. But I have adapted and it’s cool (wink).

Q. What is your blog about?

A. Lol, I have mentioned a little above. But I was scammed a lot, now my blog  www.xycinews.com is 100% dedicated to Exposing Leaks and Reviews around the internet.

Q. Who inspires you ?

A. Nobody, many many many persons discouraged me right from when I choosed the name Xycinews.  It’s self motivation and passion.

Q. OGA , Blogger Scientist, what is your last sentence?

A.  Age Na Excuse For Lazy Man, I don’t want to allow my age restrict me from great potentials.

It was nice hearing from a teenager who aims at making an impact irrespective of his age.

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