bet9ja affiliate program: Making Money Online from Betting

bet9ja affiliate program
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Do you know you can make money from bet8ja without predicting any game or score? Yes you can and that is called bet9ja affiliate program. 

Bet9ja is among the most Visited website in Nigeria but many don’t know they can make money as an affiliate without predicting.

Most People don’t know they can make a huge amount of money from bet9ja without visiting shops and wasting time. yes it is possible.

Some people already know about bet9ja affiliate program but don’t know how to make Money from bet9ja affiliate program.

Here You will learn everything right from scrap and what it takes to be  Bet9ja affiliate.

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But before going deep into this topic

What Is Bet9ja

This question is what comes to mind of every one before they join any affiliate program in Nigeria. Bet9ja is a betting company where users can make money by predicting scores and goals.

It is possible to book games online and winners are pay base on point and odds giving to each Team.

As i said earlier, you will learn How to make Money from betting without predicting scores.


What is bet9ja affiliate Program?

Bet9ja affiliate program is not in any way different from other affiliate program in Nigeria. It is Gaming Industry Affiliate Program created by bet9ja to make people make money by getting them referral.

It is actually a win situation for both Party, you get them more referral they pay you a commission for each Completed transaction.

If your main aim of reading this article is to make money online, then you should continue reading this

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How Does Bet9ja Affiliate Program Works

Before you sign up for this affiliate Program it is expected of your know How this program works and How much you will be paid by referral.

Knowing How Bet9ja Affiliate Program works will give you edge over others and you can easily explain more to others who might want to sign up using your referral link.

After Completing your affiliate program registration, you will be given an affiliate links which you are going to use in referring people.

20% of whatever each your referrals lost is what you will get as commission and also how much he/she won.


How To Make Money With Bet9ja

The only way to make money as bet9ja affiliate is to refer people, if you are not referring earning a dime is not possible.

The other alternative to making money with it is by playing bet online and predicting games. You might be fortunate to hit Jackpot.


How To Get More Referrals For Bet9ja Affiliate Program

As i use to say, affiliate marketing is not for the Lazy Bone, you got to Hustle for referrals and Hustle for Traffic base on the platform you are using for promoting your Affiliate Products.

After you have being assign your affiliate it is expected of you to get more customer for the Company/Individual.

But we have ways through which you can promote your affiliate link.

Here we have Three ways through which affiliate link can be Promoted.

  • Social Media
  • Blogs and Forum
  • Mouth-to-Mouth
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Social Media

The first on the list, with increase in use of Facebook and other Social media account, promoting affiliate products is as easy as ABC.

Promoting your Bet9ja Affiliate Program link is easy especially if you have active Facebook sport page and Group.

All you have to do is write engaging Post, Address the member on Why they need to Register for this affiliate programs.

Facebook Ads is another way of reaching a more targeted audience. Facebook Ads is good since you can easily select your audience base on area of interest e.g. Blogging, Cryptocurrency and affiliate marketing.

  • Above is a Video on How to run effective Facebook ads


Blogs and Forum

Blogs are the best source of Promoting affiliate link. It is easy to get referral if you can write a Search Engine Optimized Post.

People who are interested in bet9ja affiliate program can easily find your Blog. Performing intensive Keyword Research is the way to make this possible.

You then a well structure post, add images and Videos if applicable then publish.

Forum is another platform that can not be over look when it comes to promoting Bet9ja affiliate program. Promotion on forum is great but we have Guides you have to follow.

  • Don’t Spam Thread
  • Don’t abuse the Rule


It is the traditional method of Marketing and still effective. You can tell family and friends the importance of them signing up with your affiliate link.

You tell them everything they need to know about Bet9ja affiliate Review

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