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Have you ever since taught of starting reseller program using DomainKing? If yes then you may have once search how domainKing reseller program works just like i did before getting the answer which am about to share here today.

for those who just stumbled on this page without knowing the meaning of reseller program: let me do some explanations below.

How does Reseller program Work?

Domain And Hosting Reseller business is yet another online business model which allows you to buy domain and Hosting plans with discount from web Hosting companies and resell them at your own price.

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Almost every Web Hosting company offers reseller program. When you buy domain and Hosting from them, you will resell right from your own website without your buyers knowing that you’re a reseller program.

I have read on many pages that Domain and Hosting reseller program is a lucrative online business so i needed to give a try but before then “Which Web Hosting company will i go with”? That’s one important question you must answer well for successful reselling business.

Am a big Fan of DomainKing and i so much love their amazing services so i needed to see how i can get started with DomainKing Reseller program but there was no reseller page to explain how they work so i needed to contact them to see if they also offer reseller chances and below was the reply i got.

DomainKing Reseller program


Hi, I am Angad from DomainKing.NG. I would like to thank you for your interest in our reseller program.

You can easily join our Reseller program and sell domain & hosting to your clients using our White-labelled Reseller Program.

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You can resell domains & hosting in 2 ways:


  • Manual Method:

    In the method, you can simply buy domains & hosting from us by placing order for domains & hosting on our website whenever you have a new order from your clients. You will be charged the reseller pricing for your slab as explained in How our Reseller Program Works.

  • Automated Method:

    In this method you can use our automated WHMCS plugin to automatically place order at our website whenever someone buys domain or hosting on your website. For using this method, you need a website with WHMCS billing cart software installed on it. You can then use our automated plugin to activate orders automatically using your deposit with us.

    We recommend you to use WHMCS for your website if you want the best solution. It is used by over 95% web hosting providers worldwide. The cost of WHMCS is almost N6000/month set by WHMCS software developers. But it is the best cart for hosting providers out there & recommenced by us.


How our Reseller Program Works:


Our Reseller program works on a slab system in which we reduce the price based on deposit or your sales with us. You can use our WHMCS plugin to resell domains with us.

We offer discounts to our bulk resellers. So when your sale increases in the future & you have crossed a certain level of sale with us, then you will get discounted prices for both domains & web hosting. The discount level will depend on the slab that you are in currently.

Currently your first slab will be the base slab. If you prefer to deposit funds based on the slab, then also you can move to higher slab anytime.

In our last slab you can get .com for as low as N4000 (this price can change depending on the NGN to USD prices), and for N1200, .ng for N10,500. And similarly for web hosting you can get discounts upto 20%-30% depending on the plan.

You can also choose to start with our last slab or a lower price slab but for this you need to make a certain deposit balance with us that can be used to buy domains and hosting. The base slab starts with no deposit.

  • The domain prices for the most popular domains for the base slab:

    .com= N3800 N1500 (N999 for 1st year)

    .ng= N10,500 (N8899 for 1st year)

  • The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 2(Deposit: N50,000):

    .com= N3700 N1350 (N999 for 1st year)

    .ng= N10,000 (N8899 for 1st year)

  • The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 3(Deposit: N75,000):

    .com= N3650 N1300 (N999 for 1st year)

    .ng= N9500 (N8899 for 1st year)

  • The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 4(Deposit: N100,000):

    .com= N3600 N1250 (N999 for 1st year)

    .ng= N9200 (N8899 for 1st year)

  • The domain prices for the most popular domains for our last Slab 5 (Deposit: N150,000):

    .com= N3550 N1150 (N999 for 1st year)

    .ng= N9000 (N8899 for 1st year)

And after you have registered with us please let us know the slab you want to choose & we will create the invoice for you so that you can make deposit for that slab accordingly. We will then setup/provision your Reseller account for you.

Please also note that the prices for gtlds (.i.e. international domains like .com, .net, .biz, .org is dependent on NGN to USD prices. So it can change depending on the currency fluctuations). We also offer many other domain offers every month. So you can sell more to your customers.

For hosting the prices in different slabs will be discounted at about 5%-30% depending on the slab & the hosting plan.

The deposit for each slab is fully usable & will be added to your credit balance. It is fully usable & can be used for buying domains & hosting services from us.

I hope I have clarified your query.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further help or if you have any further queries.

Best Regards,


DomainKing.NG Reseller Program

After getting that answer from them then i asked them if i can also earn from my clients renewal Fees and below was the answer.

Hi Philip,

Yes you can also earn from renewal.

You can set the renewal prices according to your choice and get from us in less rates.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further help or if you have any further queries. I’ll be really happy to answer all your queries.

Best Regards,


DomainKing.NG Support

Wrapping Up: DomainKing Reseller Program

From the above inscriptions it shows you earn very little commission for domain Reselling using DomainKing while you earn pretty more for Hosting reselling.

DomainKing Reseller Program

Am sure this message gives you clear Knowledge about DomainKing Reseller program but if you still want to learn more about their services then you may need to contact their support

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