How To Add Your Blogspot Blog To Bing Search Engine

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How to add your Blogspot Blog to Bing Search Engine , On this article you will learn How to add your Blogspot Blog to Bing Search Engine using Bing Webmaster Tools” . Bing was a Search Engine like Google powered by Microsoft , There is about millions of people searching on the Bing Search Engine for getting better result . 

Facilities Available In Bing Webmaster Tools :

Like Google Webmaster Tools Bing also have the same facilities , 

  • You can know the Keyword used by the visitors to enter your site through Bing Search Engine .
  • You can know the Popular page of your blog .
  • You can submit Sitemap for high speed indexing .
  • You can know the Position of your content at Search Engine .
  • You can know the Estimate Click’s from Search Engine .
  • You can know about Page Errors and 404 Errors .

There is lot of other function available at Bing Webmaster Tool to improve your SEO traffic .

How to add your Blogspot Blog to Bing Search Engine

How To Add Your Blogspot Blog To Bing Webmaster Tools :

  1. You need a A/c at Bing Search Engine , If you have no A/c at Bing Search Engine create one from here : Click here
  2. After creating A/c with Bing Search Engine , Go to the following link address :
  3. Logn using the Bing Search Engine Password & Username .
  4. On the “Mysite” Tab , You can see a “Textbox” To enter your blog address , Enter your blogspot blog address there and click on the “Add” Button .

Add Blogspot Blog To Bing Search Engine

  1. On the “Add a Sitemap” Textbox you need to enter you Blogspot blog sitemap , Examble : . Replace the blog with your blog name .
  2. Click on the “Add” Button .

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Wrapping Up: How to add your Blogspot Blog to Bing Search Engine

Verify Site On Bing Webmaster Tools

Adding meta tag on the header of your blogspot blog , It is the last step to verify your blogspot blog on Bing Search Engine .

To add meta tag on your Blogspot blog . Follow the step :

  • Login to your Blogspot Blog .
  • Click on the “Template” .
  • Click on the “Edit Html” Button to edit your blogspot .
  • Add the meta tag like the image shown below this text .

Adding Bing Meta Tag On Blogspot Template

After adding meta tag on your Blogspot blog , Now comes to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on the “Verify” Button .

You are done .

I hope you will understand this topic , If you have any doupts about this topic contact us using the comment box .

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