How To Become A Yahoo Boy And Be Successful

become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria
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This isn’t so good, but I will
show you how to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria without the use of
yahoo plus rituals. Most of you might have searched the internet for relevant tutorials, without
making any head way. I Have Moved
with yahoo boys Before , Note: Am not a yahoo Boy But I have friends That Do it , and trust me when I say i no how to make quite a good amount of money as a yahoo guy in Nigeria. In this post, you will learn how to be a yahoo yahoo boy. Yahoo boys are making so much
money, and you u can join them.

become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria



a successful yahoo guy in Nigeria

Yahoo yahoo in Nigeria is one of the illegitimate online businesses,
but with the nature of the economy, I think it is worthy to give it a try. You should also know that when caught, you risk going to jail – but who cares?

It is unfortunate that most people now dive into yahoo plus and do yahoo plus rituals because they believe that the regular yahoo no longer pays. But the truth is that it still pays. The step by step
guide I will show you now won’t make you rich overnight, but you would be able to get started as a
yahoo boy and become an expert along the line. You need the steps to become a successful yahoo

How to make money from yahoo

Here are the steps to become a yahoo boy as a beginner

Please Take Note

Making money from yahoo is solely dependent on if you are successful. The aim of this
post is to make you successful, so don’t joke with it. If you follow all the steps I have listed here, you will make money from Yahoo. Now I will outline the steps that people use to make money from Yahoo.

  • Simple Yahoo
  • Advanced Yahoo

Simple Yahoo

Yahoo is the one that you disguise as someone else and tries to bill your client for some money. It is one of the yahoo yahoo business steps I have listed in this post. If you want to become a successful yahoo boy, then you have to combine
the knowledge of simple yahoo and advanced yahoo.

But as a matter of fact, you must learn this before you move to the next step. These are the steps to make money from Yahoo. I will till explain it in details.

Choose your
preferred yahoo scam format

This is where you choose the yahoo scam format you want to
use. There are many scam format and they include;

Email Blasting – e.g
yahoo boy billing
format image

An example of a
Yahoo Boy Billing Format Email Blasting

I guess you may have seen such email
before; that is called Email blasting. You can decide to use this method and bill your clients. There are tools that you need to buy first before you can then
decide to blast emails to people – especially white clients. It is being sold… so
if you need it, you must have about 7k Naira to purchase them.

Dating Scam method

This is the method I
listed in this post. It basically involves pretending to be in love with your client till you collect money from them and disappear. You have to pretend to be somebody you are not, so as to gain their trust
and love. Once you are finally able to convince them through the steps I have listed in this article, you
can then disappear with their money


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yahoo boys scam format

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Wire Wire Scam

If you also want to become a successful
yahoo boy, then you must also learn how to do credit card wire. I will also teach this one in this
post, so just keep in touch all the time as I update this post.

Wire-Wire is a type of yahoo
billing format that allows you to buy anything you want with your client’s credit card details. You can stay in Nigeria and order a CAR from America and nothing will happen. Even though it comes with a
lot of risks if you are caught, but it is one of the fastest ways of cashing out from the yahoo yahoo
scam. These are the 3 popular methods if you are looking for how to make money from yahoo yahoo.

are the steps to become a yahoo boy as a beginner

become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria

Get your Laptop

Like you know, this is the first material to
have if you intend to become a yahoo boy or do yahoo yahoo. It isn’t good to get any piece of a
laptop because it might not function properly. You should have a laptop with high processor speed,
good ram size, high Hard-Disk size, and Web- Cam.

These are the qualities yahoo boys look out for when purchasing laptops for their
yahoo business. Once you have the laptop, then you can now add other components to it. There are
other things that should be added and installed on your laptop to make you succeed.

  • VPN: It is also called the Virtual Private Network. This would help you hide your IP address from the internet. The IP
    address discloses your location on the internet. Most sites to get your clients from, don’t accept
    Nigeria as a country of origin, and that would limit your participation. Also, you don’t want to use Nigeria as your current location because it is seen as a generally bad country to other foreigners.
is used as a tool in yahoo business

An overview of a VPN

  • Grammarly: Because you are about claiming to be from
    either USA or UK, you don’t want to be caught making mistakes in your grammar. Grammarly is an
    app that corrects grammatical errors in sentences. So when typing, it helps you polish your English and make it more presentable to your clients.

A grammarly app used for yahoo in Nigeria

Apps Use For Yahoo

  • Dating Apps: There are several of them you can use if you want to become
    a successful yahoo boy as a beginner. You might not be able to phish foreign accounts as a beginner yahoo boy, so I advise you to start from dating first. When you have gotten to a certain level, you can then start attacking account and engage credit
    cards of your victims.


There are several dating apps that are recommended, and some of them are Okcupid,,,, etc. Look for anyone that suits you, but I recommend

Create Online Social Media Accounts

When you have started talking to someone and the chemistry is going on fine, the next step is to move to social media. It is necessary you create a social media account for months before you start your yahoo yahoo boy business.

The reason to
create it ahead of time is to avoid suspicion from your client. Make sure you have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can look for pictures of unknown white people that
you can’t find on Google, and use it as your profile picture. Download so many that you won’t run out of pictures to use.

Get a Foreign
Phone Number

To further solidify your claim as being genuine, you might need to
move over to WhatsApp and start chatting. Don’t bother about how to get it, there are several ways to
get it, and I can equally help you.

You should look at 3 things before you get a number:

  • Your present country of stay (The country you will tell your client you are staying)
  • The
    next country you will move to.

E.G: Most times I clone a U.S number, and inform my client I will be moving to Ghana for a business trip. Since I already have a Ghanaian friend, I will ask
him to help me out with a Ghanaian number. That is the logic.

The aim is to look genuine for a
while before you move over to your normal line. The truth is that you can make it look easy, but it
depends on you. To become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria is quite simple but you have to know
how to play your game. Continue reading and I will guide you on how to become a professional yahoo yahoo boy even as a beginner.

Download a Cloning App

It depends on the gender you wish to take. Some yahoo boys might decide to be a girl or a guy. So it means that you may decide to be a girl or boy, so you need to solidify your claim. In
most cases as a yahoo guy, your client might decide to engage in video chats, and you need to
prove yourself. To become a successful yahoo boy as a beginner, you need to go an extra mile to
prove yourself to your clients.

What to consider before you start cloning:

  • Your
    gender (Male/Female)
  • Country of origin (US,
    Italy, UK, etc)
  • The present country you stay.

Once you download the cloning app, you can take up the face of anybody you wish, and the voice of any gender. All you need is just to specify your settings on the App, and the rest will take care of itself.

What is the yahoo boy billing format?

This is where the main job lies. There are
several formats you can use to charm your client into believing you are real. You have to know your
format, prepare it and make sure you stick to the plan.

N.B: Never fall in love with your client
(It disrupts your plans and moves)

There is a yahoo boy format to employ, and I will list out some of them.

  • A soldier in a foreign country
  • An expatriate in a foreign country
  • A
    rich man in a foreign country and kidnapped.
  • A real lover that is sick and needs money to

Depending on situations, you can coin out your own format. The aim of all these is either of the following;

  • Get your client’s account
  • Credit card details
  • Make them send money to you.

These are
the possible formats that you can use to bill your clients if you want to become a successful yahoo
boy. There is no definite yahoo boy billing format because it depends on the situation you find

Let’s assume I register on a site like and I see a beautiful old woman, I will assume that she is looking for another lover to spend her old age with. You also
have to remember that white people always share ideas among themselves.

Anything you tell
her, she is most likely to tell her children and grandchildren. This means that if you don’t plan
yourself well, you will make mistakes and get exposed.

You are the one in charge of the
conversation, so don’t let your client control you. See some of the available yahoo boy billing formats
I use to bill my clients.

If you don’t want to engage in the dating game, there are several other patterns to follow, and I will be writing about them
in my next post.

Yahoo boy Website

There is no specific yahoo boy website unless you are looking for where you can
learn more about yahoo yahoo. When I decided to learn about Yahoo Yahoo, I visited one of the yahoo
boys websites and it was named the blackhat forum. I don’t know if it is still in existence tho, but
if I find it, I will drop the link on the comment section.

But apart from that, there are other
websites where you can meet your clients and start chatting with them. If that is what you mean by a
yahoo boy website, then I will list it below;

  • OkCupid
  • Eharmony
  • Elitesingles
  • Waplog
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tinder

These are some of the Yahoo boy websites available. But make sure that before you decide to register, you must use a VPN. If not, they will ban you forever and there is nothing you can do about it.

Yahoo Formats
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