How To Earn Money from WordPress Blog Free Blogging Platform

how to earn money from WordPress free blog
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Have you started your blog already from free WordPress blogging platform via and you are looking for how to earn money from WordPress free blog In this article you shall learn some procedures on how to earn money from WordPress free website with ease.

Usually as a new blogger , the first time you heard of WordPress blogging platform you are likely to set up your first blog on free blogging platform not knowing there is a very big difference between the and

WordPress offer two options through which you can create your blog and below are the two options and simple differences you must take not of.

Ways To Create A Blog From WordPress Platform

  • WordPress.Com: This is a free WordPress blogging platform where any one can easily access and create a free blog.I would recommend you start your blog from the free WordPress blogging platform as a beginner so as to have a background knowledge of how WordPress platform really works but i won’t advice you stick to it on the long run as there are many limitations using the free WordPress platform.
  • WordPress.Org: This is the paid or premium version of WordPress also known as the self hosted WordPress blogging platform. In this blogging platform, you will have to host your blog on your own server. Creating a self hosted WordPress blog may requires some technical skills, support , and assistance (though not that difficult ). The main reason why hosting your blog on this platform is the best is because you will have no limitation unlike the free blogging platform.

You can check shoutMeloud article and guide on VS to learn the similarities and the differences. Having learnt about the two WordPress platforms mentioned above let’s further our discussion to the topic of the day which is“how to earn money from WordPress free blog” I.e from your blog created with

How To Earn Money From WordPress Free Blog

Before i go on to share all the necessary and available options to earn money from blog , You should take note that a blog cannot work with Google AdSense.

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If you have created your blog using the free WordPress blogging platform and you are planning to monetize your free WordPress blog with Google AdSense then you should think of moving your blog now to the self hosted platform having learnt that you cannot connect AdSense with a free WordPress blog.

Now let’s look at the options that can enable you earn money from your blog

NOTE: You can only run any type of ads including AdSense on your WordPress free blog if you are enterprise of VIP user.

3-Ways To earn Money From WordPress Free Blog

how to earn money from WordPress

Earn Money From WordPress Free blogging Platform Using WordAds: WordAds is an available advertising solution for those who create their blog on free platform.
Just like you apply for AdSense and other native ads so also applied in word ads. You will need to apply with your wordpress blog domain name before you can get accepted.

With wordAds you can easily earn money from WordPress free blog as it’s very simple and easy to use.

Things To Note About WordAds


  • Right From your WordPress Blog dashboard you can check your wordads earning even without having to logging elsewhere.
  • You need more traffic to earn more money with WordAds Because they only pay per impressions and not per clicks
  • This ads is highly recommended to bloggers from European countries or USA as they have the better earning potentials
  • You get paid when you reach the minimum of$100 and the payment gateway is PayPal. You can create one if you don’t have
  • Getting approved by WordAds depends on the amount of traffic your blog generates and the type of niche you blog on.
  • You need to Have a custom domain name for your free WordPress blog before you can get approved from WordAds.

These articles are some helpful WordAds reviews i found online durning my WordAds Research you can read them from below links:

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Now you have learnt about WordAds. You can easily apply now to get started earning money from your WordPress blog without any two ways.
Earn Money From Your WordPress Free Blog via affiliate Marketing: Without doubt, you can monetize your free WordPress Blog via affiliate marketing. The only issue is that you will have to share and affiliate only links from reputable online sources.

Linking to Porn sites, Get rich schemes, gambling sites could be violating their policies.

You can alter affiliate links between your articles via hyperlinks but images with hyperlinks aren’t allowed as this is against their policies.

Earn Money From Your WordPress free blogging platform via sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts is another means through which you can easily earn money from your WordPress free blogging platform.

After setting up your blog; you have to work on your blog to get traffic and make it an authoritative blog. Create a page and name it Advertise Here or something similar. Right on that page you can list what people can advertise on your site and possibly your advertising cost.
Advertisers who visit your blog and find your blog interesting and authoritative may consider placing a sponsored post on your blog based on your charges. WordPress free blogging platform also entails some advertising policies which you can read from here.TAKE THIS NOTE:

  • WordPress recommends you use the self hosted platform if your dream is using AdSense and other native ads as a means of monetisation therefore if you have such dream it’s high time you move.
  • If you Violate policies with your ads placement your blog will be suspended

CONCLUSION: If you run a free WordPress blog with top level domain name and good traffic you should consider focusing your monetization on WordAds. on the other hand you may consider using Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts as well if the opposite becomes the case.

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