How to edit your Blogspot Theme/ Template HTML code with Android

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how to edit xml blogger template

Are you searching for how to edit xml blogger template? How to add some codes to your blogger theme to make modifications and changes? in this article i will be showing the easiest method on how to edit xml blogger template using your Android Mobile phone.

Some people have said its impossible to edit your blogspot(blogger) theme/template using an Android phone that you must use PC like laptop and
desktop but it’s possible to edit your theme / template with an Android phone and here is the
; If you have tried editing your theme/template with your android browser online
like chrome,firefox or UC browser you’ll notice that it’s impossible to edit it either on a phone or tablet Android
; The only way is to edit it using an offline HTML editor below are some of the best
editors you can use
1.An Writer
This is the best html code editor and I recommend
this to you it has a lot of features like text wrap, search button, auto code completion on
HTML,CSS,Javascript,php and sql, it has black and white theme and is easy to use, syntax colouring on
programming languages previews code in app and web browser
Word wrap, charset encoding, very fast, easy scrolling between files
Download 4mb

It works like as if you’re using a PC or laptop to
Code editor and syntax highlight for 50+ languages (C++, C#, Java, XML,HTMLCSS Javascript,
Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Smali, Swift,
High performance with no lag, even on large text
files (more than 10,000 lines).
Easily navigate between multiple open tabs
Undo and redo changes without limit
Fast selecting and editing abilities really swift
Smooth scrolling both vertically and horizontally.
Directly target any specified line number.
Quickly search and replace content.
Easily input hex color values.
Automatically detect charset and encoding.
Automatically indent new lines.
Various fonts and sizes.
Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files.
Open files from recently opened or added file
Ability to edit system files on rooted devices
Supports both light and dark themes.

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3.Sublime Text / Notepad++
There is actually no difference between this two
apps, it has features like text wrap, syntax colouring, black and white theme previews coding
in web browser
But is slow on phone below 4.0
Fast in 5.0 upwards

Previews coding on browser little bit slow text wrap,syntax colouring, colourful themes
Download 8mb

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