How to set screen lock On your Andriod phone

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how to set screen lock on Andriod phone

Due to my recent research , i decided to write Article on how to set screen lock on Andriod phone

Phones have become part of us and when you lose your phone, you lose more than just messages and contacts. Thus, we need to protect our devices in every way and at all cost. You risk losing vital
information to online hackers and offline thieves if you phone is not secured.

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procedure on how to set screen lock on Andriod phone

Follow the steps below to set your phone screen lock

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1. Tap the menu button on your phone’s home screen.
2. Scroll down or swipe right to locate settings and tap to open.
3. On the settings menu, scroll down to locate
security and tap to open.
4. Tap screen lock: this is the first option under the security menu.
On the screen lock menu, you have four options:
a. Swipe,
b. Pattern,
c. PIN,
d. Password.

To Set a Swipe

how to set screen lock on Andriod phone

If your not really preventing your phone from unauthorized access or maybe you just want to lock
your phone screen to prevent unwanted operations whilst your phone is in your pocket then swipe lock is cool.
Just tap “swipe” from the screen lock options to set the set the swipe.

To Set a Pattern
a. Select “Pattern” on the screen lock options. On the lock pattern screen, you will see 3 rows and 3
columns of dot (like 3 x 3 matrix)

b. Draw the unlock pattern you to set by connecting at least 4 dots. Some phones will automatically
load the next page were you draw your pattern again to confirm. If your phone does not load the next
page tap “continue” at the bottom right to continue.
c. On the next screen, you see the same dots. Redraw the same pattern to confirm and tap continue.
You will then be asked for 4 digits backup PIN incase you forget the pattern when unlocking your phone.

d. Type in the numbers and press “continue”
e. Retype the PIN and press “OK” to save all your changes.

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Some devices will ask you to set security question instead of PIN.
f. Select your security question and then answer it.

g. Tap the “tick” icon at the top right corner of your phone to your answer.
h. Select how you want notification to be displayed
on your lock screen and tap “Done” at the bottom to save.

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To Set PIN

a. Select “PIN” on the screen lock options

b. Enter a combination of at least 4 digits and tap “continue”
c. In the next screen, reenter the PIN to confirm and tap “OK” to save the new lock screen security.
In some devices you may be asked to set security question.

To Set a Password

a. Select “Password” on the screen lock options.

b. Enter the password you want in the field provided. Your Password must be at least 4 characters long or more for better security.
You  can combine numbers, special characters and letters.
c. Once your done, tap “continue” and reenter password for confirmation
d. Tap “OK” to save.
Some devices may also ask you to set security question.

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