Puspay Review:Scam or Legit Learn how it Works

Puspay Review
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Puspay Review , Puspay  Income Program is yet another income program review we  shall be discussing in this article having mentioned so much income programs like,Zinoly Review, Wakanda, NNU. Newspay Review, Blog9ja Review. Dnn Reviews, Enigeria review and many other income program reviews

Puspay Review

Puspay Review (introduction to Puspay)

Puspay Review

Puspay Review is what we shall be looking at today to see if its worth it or not

About Puspay Income Program

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According To Puspay

Puspay Is an  online money
making portal. Puspay is one of the>online money making site in Nigeria, the program was launched 15 of February 2019 This program was created to help Nigerian to make extra income online and also for students to cater for there basic needs and to earn with little or no capital.

💎 *PUSPAY INCOME PROGRAM* brings you News update for different Nigerian Soucres in one channel ⬇⬇⬇🆒


PUSPAY INCOME PROGRAM*  is an online News aggregation and contributors that focus on delivering curated, relevant and latest news items that we believe are
of interest to majority from top reliable
sources, focusing to Nigerians based
locally and Diaspora on Issues, politics,
entertainment, education and many more.



*PUSPAY INCOME PROGRAM* uses robots to source news items by publishers, bloggers and  contributors from various sources including top Nigerian Newspapers like NAIJ, The Guardian, Vanguard newspapers, Channelstv and other top online news portal, blogs and other numerous sources.


*PUSPAY INCOME PROGRAM* also have a corporate social responsibility efforts that cover ads revenue sharing and membership system for its member to earn residual income online on *weekly basis.*


Pusypay Review : How to Register On Pushpay

Getting started with puspay is very easy if the instructions is followed as stated, the first thing to do is to registered the registration procedures will be explained below.
Registering for puspay is easy some
personal details is required those
informations include

1. Username
2. Password
3. Name
4. Email
5. Phone number

After those information in filled the sum of #1000 is require to activate the
account before you can start making
money use this link to register www.puspay.com.ng

Once the minimum amount of #3500 is reached you are illegible to request for withdraw from the site

How to  Earn On puspay Income  program

Puspay  reward it members for the following activities

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1. Daily login #60
You will be rewarded with #60 for login
in daily in

2. Reading post #4
Puspay pay you for reading post in the
site, this is for been active on the site

3. Commenting #5
Commenting is another activity which
you can earn with puspay

4. Sharing of sponsored post #120 #120 is earned when you share
sponsored post on your social media

5. Referring friends #600
You will be rewarded with #600 on each
person you refer to join the program.

6. Monthly give away #1,000 #2,000 #3,000

Puspay Payout

One very interesting part of this
program is that you don’t have to refer
before you can withdraw from the site
also this program pay it user at the end
of every week once the minimum
withdraw of #3500 is attained.

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