7 Wallpaper Changer Apps to Make Your Android Phone Pop

7 Wallpaper Changer Apps to Make Your Android Phone Pop

Wallpapers diminish in attraction when they become too long on the phone’s screen. They are one of the tools that enhance the personalization of the phone’s screen. Once you get tired of one wallpaper you are keen to changeable in it. This is the same random chance that will continue on your phone all the time.

It is normal to get tired of a certain wallpaper. Even worse when you have to change from one to another every time you are getting fed up with it. Of course, you can continue to change but it will take some time when you will realise that you don’t even know the wallpaper to choose from the list of wallpapers on your phone.

What makes a great difference in your wallpaper is the diversity. Diversity of wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean a change in colour or any other thing. It can even be something very close to what you have before. But, you can not be changing this any time you are fed up with it. No more issues regarding changing the wallpapers on your Android phone. That is if you can try the exclusive apps in this article.

Many Android apps can help you to automatically change your wallpaper for free, with no tough effort. Without much ado, let’s delve into the best 10 wallpaper changer apps that will help you change your wallpaper from time to time so that you won’t get tired of your wallpaper. Also, you won’t get frustrated about changing wallpapers frequently to your choice because this is all we have explained here.

7 Wallpaper Changer Apps to Make Your Android Phone Pop

7 Wallpaper Changer Apps to Make Your Android Phone Pop

1. Tapet:


Tapet is one of the best wallpaper changer apps for Android. Some wallpaper changing apps can still show you a wallpaper twice but, this is impossible when you use Tapet. The identity, program and idea behind Tapet make it impossible to show you two pictures at the same time. This is an app that generates its wallpaper itself.

Most Android users download their wallpapers online and then add them to the home screen of their phone later on. This is where Tapet comes in handy, it automatically creates a wallpaper from the beautiful mixing of colours and it will be changed when the required time is reached. Immediately you download the app, you can just change the setting of the automatic time for the app to change your wallpaper. You can choose anytime you want it to be – 1hour, 24 hours – and you are going to get the best distinct wallpaper displayed on both your phone home screen and lock screen.

2. Wallpaper Changer:

This is an app that will help you to grab any available image or wallpaper on your phone and position it on your screen. This wallpaper is very easy to use since it has categories you can easily shift in. These categories allow you to pick several pictures and show them on your phone’s screen at some scheduled time.

Mainly, this wallpaper app contains three categories. Firstly, there is this category where you can schedule the time that the wallpaper will be changed. It is called the Change Category. You can just set the period for the change to your comfortable time. Well, this doesn’t mean it can only change because if you double-tap your phone screen, the time difference will be skipped at that time.

Also, another important feature of this app is the Album tab. This allows you to choose the pictures or wallpapers your phone’s screen is changing to. Unlike Tapet, it doesn’t create its wallpapers but it was of use is important feature you can look out for in it.

3. Wallpapers by Google

Since Google is the biggest search engine in the world, all the photos, wallpaper and images that are posted on it daily are displayed by an app called Wallpaper by Google. The wallpapers from this app include those gotten from blogs, content creators sites, Google+, Google Earth and many other sources using google as a primary medium of showcasing their works.

Google has made this app very easy to use such that you can easily pick your category of wallpapers and continue using them. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose another category later but. You can choose entertainment if you have a passion, wildlife, nature, sports and so many categories. This wallpaper or images are not just from anywhere, google made it out of the most appropriate and liked on their platform. Several people can’t be wrong about a particular wallpaper.

4. Everyday Wallpaper

Just as the name goes, you get a cool wallpaper displayed on your phone screen every day. Most people wake up and check out their phones first. Seeing new things on their phone help them starts a perfect day. It is one of those hidden apps with brilliant features without many people getting to use it. It is not popular but we have to commend the instructors for including features that make it useful and comfortable while using.

Download everyday wallpaper on Android and proceed to launch the app. Once you launch the app on your phone, you will observe a window that shows how often the wallpaper should change. It doesn’t mean that it has to change within a day as the name goes, you can make it anytime you wish. Also, instead of the practical scheduled change, you can change it immediately you have your Wifi on. You can also set up your categories for this app. The categories of the subjects and topics you love. Once you have a strong connection to your wifi, you can get this set up immediately. The categories are listed in the app already and you can choose anyone you want to continue to see on your screen.

5. Casual: Auto wallpaper change

Casual is another automatic wallpaper changing tool for Android that works with time. It has one of the best ideas when it comes to wallpaper. Emily designed characters that are brought together inside a wallpaper. It allows you to change your wallpaper around the required time set in it. If you have a strong connection or wifi, the app can continue to work every single hour. Therefore, within an hour, you can get different wallpapers on your screen without any effort or issue.

It uses the algorithm of wallpaper used around the internet and can get your wallpapers from Unsplash and another free online photo gallery. If you don’t want to use cellular data as explained before, you can use your wifi if you have a strong connection. There is a chance of using wifi alone.

Remember, it was stated above that the Wallpaper changer app can change your wallpapers if you double-tap the home screen. In this Causal app, there is another awesome features that you don’t know about. Here, you can just shake your phone a bit and the wallpaper will change. You don’t have to double-tap, just shake and you will have a new wallpaper on your screen.

6. Bing Wallpaper

This is another wallpaper with the perfect features. It works just like the Wallpaper on Google. Bing Wallpapers use the wallpapers registers around the search engine. Bing is a productive part of the well-known software company, Microsoft. With the Microsoft Bing Wallpaper apps, you can change the wallpaper on your android smartphones without worrying about it. Although so many people do not use this, it has almost the same feature as its competing Google. This app only allows you to solve the issues of wallpaper once a day. Well, this might be a limited feature unlike other apps but some of its other features qualify its quality. The most used pictures and wallpapers on bing are selected for your phone and this is how it will reflect other peoples phones as well.

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7. Muzei Live Wallpaper

This is where you find the perfect fit for the artistic expressions. This Muzei live wallpaper looks like the contemporary art displayed on the screen of the phone. The wallpaper has some features that make them talk over your whole screen but you can easily keep them out. This wallpaper looks like a normal painting and it might cause some light obstruction on your screen. By dimming the colours you can easily get rid of that.

Also, this wallpaper allows you to be in charge of the sources of your wallpaper. That is you can have your full authority on how your painting would look like. You can still modify your setting so that you can use some of the images on your phone as wallpaper instead of using the built-in Muzei Live Wallpaper. Just go to the cogwheel icon below the My Photos option, click on the plus sign which allows you to add as many photos as you want to use for your wallpaper. Within the scheduled time for the change of the wallpapers, there can be automation between your images and the Muzei parts wallpapers.

Nevertheless, there is no limit to anything you can do with the screen of your phone. The wallpaper features have been the deal to justify and build it. Save yourself the efforts of changing your wallpaper every time by using these 7 apps stated above.

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