9 Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps (Android, iOS & PC)

9 Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud storage is not new to us. They are becoming increasingly intense for the storage of files. Effective file management is very important in this fast digitalized age. So, cloud storage is the key to ensure effective file management. Also, the accessibility, efficiency and reliability of files in the online space should be monitored.

Businesses and individuals are making use of cloud storage for both present and future expectations. Of course, you can store files, videos, and premium apps on your phone, but there are too many risks attached to that. Where cloud storage uses unlimited storage, phones and laptops make use up a specified amount of storage space. This storage space might not even go close to the unlimited storage of some cloud storage.

Now is the time many companies are coming up with their cloud storage apps and software. Unfortunately, we have seen some that have destroyed the files we want them to manage. Also, we have seen those that have the highest rating in the market. Perhaps they might be paid, but they still provide you with worthwhile file management. There are great free cloud storage apps as well.

Here is our rundown of the best cloud storage apps that you can use to efficiently manage your files, pictures, videos, messages and so on.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a way of storing, saving and revising data online instead of on your local computer. This kind of storage system requires a strong cellular and wifi network to work very well. It helps to upload, modify, and share documents, presentations, images, videos, audios, and many other time types. These files are not stored on phones or computer hard drives. They are stored in the cloud such that they can be synced on another device. With this cloud storage, you can access all your data and information on another device. You can even save files in the cloud with your laptops and phones and it will get synchronised within the two. So, if you are someone that keeps digital files on your phone, the advice is to shift to more reliable cloud storage like those that will be disclosed below.

9 Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps (Android, iOS & PC)

9 Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps (Android, iOS & PC)

1. Google Drive

This is the most used cloud storage app on Android phones. It comes pre-installed on many android phones and it is very easy to use. It helps to store files and folders for a very long time without any disorder. Your files are well arranged and accessible anytime you need them. Google drive gives each user at least a Free 15 GB of cloud storage space. This storage space can be increased from that to unlimited storage if you have a paid premium plan.

So, if you are someone that has been making use of so many Google products, apps and software then this is another app that fits your needs. This google docs can help you manage almost all file formats be it JPEG, PDF, Word, TXT, Pictures, Videos and so on. Also, you can immediately synchronise all its saved information on another phone.

If you don’t know, this is an extension of Google docs which is used to create documents and files. If you are using both Google Docs and the cloud storage Google Drive, then you can also edit those files that you saved in your google docs. Google Drive can be downloaded for free on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

2. Dropbox

This is another app that is used for storing data in the cloud. It is one of those files with the longest lifespan. It has a well-developed profile and it can work on Android, iOS and windows. It is also very easy to use and easy to understand.

This app has an approximate storage space of 50 GB or smaller and can be increased to up to 1 TB after verification of premium payments. It doesn’t just store files alone, it also helps to manage files properly and safely synchronise data across all devices. So, just know that this cloud storage program works virtually on all operating systems.

3. iCloud

The preceding letter to the cloud jas already shown the brand name of a company, Apple. Who would not trust apple? They are one of the biggest tech support companies around the world with great reviews. So, this is another program from this tech company. This iCloud ensures the effective backup and storage of all files, data, information and database of your Apple devices. These apps come pre-installed on Apple iOS devices, iPad OS and you can manually install them on Mac. But they are one of the best Apple products. If not for that they are peculiar to Apple iPhone, iPad, and computers, they would have been virtually accepted by android users. This iCloud allows you to save passwords, private keys, credit cards and many other data automatically. From there, you can use them automatically anytime you need them.

Note that this app can be used on Android as well only that you will need to create an apple id, then start using the app later on.

4. OneDrive

Here is another cloud storage app with much intensity and perfect standards for managing and defending apps. This app was formerly known as SkyDrive or windows live folder. Since we have discussed the work of two tech giants already, the next giant to look out for is Microsoft. Microsoft is the Alpha of the OneDrive app that is used for file management. Just like Google Drive, it helps to save files, pictures, folders, videos, PDFs and so many such that it also undergoes synchronisation when it is needed on another system.

This app has an approximate 7 GB to 15GB storage space and you are still liable for up to another 5 GB if you can refer more people to use this app. The app is now a default part of Windows which allows it to be installed by default once you update your operating system to Windows 10. Finally, this app can work on both Android and iOS devices and can serve a lot of backup purposes anytime.

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5. Mega

This is another cloud storage program that works for both Android and iOS devices. Mege helps to secure and save several types of files, ranging from PDF, photos, videos, music, word and JPEG documents, and much other stuff. It has a 50 GB storage space that can be used on your phone and other devices. This can be increased to an approximate 400GB later on if you have paid for the premium plan worth $6.04. This Mega is also available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS as well.

It might not be that popular but it helps you to encrypt files and even allows you to chats such that shared files are end-to -end secured through encryption.

6. Sync

This is the app that helps you to save confidential data and manage files on your Android devices. The app is also used for sharing major important data around. Even if someone is not registered to Sync, you can share your files of any files with them but it becomes faster once you both have the account. Another thing is that there is a bit of a setback in this apo such that if you upload up to 40GB file on it and you even have a very reliable and strong cellular (or Wifi) connection, the file upload will be very slow.

Before you feel hard about Sync, you can also use the online file saving app on windows, mac, iOS, and Android devices. So you can download the apps on google play and apple store. Finally, you can enjoy the unlimited storage access this free cloud-based app is giving you.

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7. Ice drive

You might not have heard of this before but to be candid, it is very reliable. I once tried it after reading its reviews on Google and it is marvellous. This app helps you to manage your files, delete them, edit them and even update as many files as you want on the file storage. This app gives you free 10 GB storage and synchronisation on any device. Icedrive provides a fast, credible and perfect interface in the management of files.

8. Box

You are a businessman or an online business worker, this is your kind of cloud storage system. It comes with a lot of tools for business and if you don’t know how to use it, there is a guide stated in it. It gives you free 10 GB storage such that you can pay $10 per month to increase the storage space for it. This app also offers a wide range of encryption for each of its saved files.

9. WorkDrive

WorkDrive allows you to create and manage your files on your Android and iOS devices. It is one of the simplest and easy user interfaces for managing and improving files. This is another app that is used in businesses and organizations. It improves team work and collaboration in the industry. Everyone can have access to these files once there is a subscription to team services.

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