Hidden iPhone tricks that will change the way you use iOS

Hidden iPhone tricks that will change the way you use iOS.

Surely, there are many things you don’t know about your iPhone. You never even thought of trying that with your iPhone because you think it is incapable. Meanwhile, these are just things that you see every day on your iPhone and you don’t know what they do. Apple products are very easy to use and understand but there are extra customizations that many users don’t know about.

Behind those simple and user-friendly iPhones, there are hidden trucks that will change the way you make use of your iOS devices. These are the tools with fewer options but are very useful on phones. They are behind many of those settings issues we later undergo because we don’t know about them. They are very useful and important as well.

Hidden iPhone tricks that will change the way you use iOS

1. Hide your private photos

You can hide your photos from other people using your phones. This does not mean those people are not authorised to use your phone but you don’t just want them to view your sensitive photos. We all have that kind of image we want to keep from friends and families.

So to hide your photos in your iPhone, go to the photos section of your files, click on the share icon. Instead of sharing, you will see a hide option, tap that and you are good to go. With this, you have hidden those photos. To check those hidden photos, go to the hidden folder for photos, you are going to find this there.

2. Have A Sleeping Goal

This iPhone also helps you to improve your sleeping consciousness and alertness. It allows you to sleep at a scheduled time and wake up. You will go to bed at a given bedtime and you will have to wake up under the influence of the alarm when it’s time to wake up.

To do this, launch the health app on your phone, scroll down until you get to the sleep section, go to the scheduled time for sleep. Set your sleep goals, time to wake up and time to sleep. After setting the goals and the schedule, choose the days you want it to be active. This can be every day. So, this will. help you to track your sleep schedules and goals every single day that you have chosen.

3. Find your lost phone

Do you even know you can get your lost iPhone back? You don’t have to meet the thief for the lost phone. Just tack down your phone and get it back as soon as possible.

Apple made its very way with its find my device program which allows you to track down the location of a friends list phone. With this, you can easily get the location of the thief.

4. Prioritize certain downloads

Do you also know that there is a chance for you to prioritize some downloads over another? When you are downloading so many apps and data at the same time, you can tell your iPhone to complete one download before going to some other download. This might be because you urgently needed the app that the other apps are being updated with.

So, you can do this by going to your home screen for the app that you want a faster download or update and holding it down with a 3D Touch press. Then you can select prioritise downloads after doing this.

5. Direct QR code scanning

QR codes are some cluttered figures used to open a database. This means that QR code scanning allows you to launch websites or apps. You can QR codes and save their data to your phone. Some websites or products make use of QR codes. Even credit cards make use of QR codes that can be used for buying and selling online.

So to carry out this QR code scanning option, you don’t need any third-party app, unlike android. Go to your Camera app, toggle the option “scan QR codes”. So, anytime you want to scan a QR code, you can use the camera app without needing any third-party app.

6. Delete unused apps

There is a way you can delete unused apps without doing this manually. Luckily, this is even extra simple with iPhones. It helps to reduce the number of apps on the iPhone app launcher or screen, therefore managing the space. You can free up a lot of space that is covered by unused apps on your phones.

To delete unused apps automatically with your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap the option “General”, select the iPhone storage, and then enable the offload unused apps option. With this, the iPhone will automatically help you to uninstall your unused apps such that you can reinstall this app when you need them again.

7. Find emoji faster

You can find emojis faster with your iPhones. You can even do better than scrolling down to look for the best reaction emojis. There is an iOS tool that can easily help you to do that. It is strenuous looking around long rows of emojis to satisfy that reaction.

You can easily find your best emojis by typing your reaction in words in the messaging bar and on the left side of the keyboard, a list of emojis will be listed there which can stand in place of those words. Or you can even highlight the word, it will show its emoji and you can pick it up from there. At least this is faster than scrolling especially if you are new to using emojis.

8. Search bar for Safari tab

When you are searching for a lot of information and you have too many tabs open such that you can’t identify them, you need a tool that can help you. Safari provides the opportunity of searching the tabs for you. Just type the keyword or topic for the tab and it will bring out the expected results from the list of tabs. Meanwhile, you have to allow the landscape mode on your phone because this search bar doesn’t work in portrait mode. So you have to be clear about the none portrait mode.

9. Abandon weak Wi-Fi networks

If you are in a place where there are several wifi networks and just one or two is very strong in connection, there is a way you can abandon others without switching off your wifi. Even you might not be able to identify the strong connection if you are not in the area. But your iPhone helps you by differentiating between the strong and the weak connection.

So, to guarantee reliable connection on your iPhones, go to your settings app, click on Cellular and turn the Wi-Fi Assist toggle switch on.

10. Enjoy music overnight without regretting

That fantasy of listening to one’s favourite music and falling asleep while listening to it is real. The only problem is that other filings will follow this song once you are asleep and this makes your battery drained. the iPhone makes it very easy for you to do this without playing all the songs on your phone. After you have slept, you would not have to worry about falling asleep.

So, to do this, go to the Clock app and select the timer tab. Select when the timer ends and click ok stop playing (don’t choose to play ringtone). Set the time duration for this timer. Play your music and rest on your bed, even if you fall asleep you are still safe the next day.

11. Keep Your Android Notes Secure

The notes are the places you store some of your important information in written forms. You can store write-ups, chats and so many other things in there. Well, you might think no one will get past your unlock passcode and nig secure it but we will advise you to do so. Most of us want to keep the data inside confidential. So, to do this go to settings notes passwords. You can set up your passcode for the notes or even your touch id can work for it.

12. Magnify what the camera sees

Another thing is that you can magnify the visibility of your iPhone cameras. You can zoom in on your camera lenses so you can see more of what is happening. This doesn’t reduce the quality of your images or photos. To do this, go to your settings app, tap on the accessibility option, and then select Magnifier to switch on the feature. You can now go back to your camera app, triple tab the side button to bring up the magnifier and use this to look into anything no matter how small.

13. Make notifications less distracting

You can make notifications less distracting on your iPhones. You can always relate to that sound it makes when you are very busy with your work. You can also prevent those notifications from displaying on your screen. Therefore your notification can eve kept very private with this feature. So to do this, go to settings notifications previews never.

14. Send money through Messages

The last one here is the ability to send money through messages. You can send another person money by typing the amount you want to send to the person. When you do this, it becomes underlined such that, when you click you confirm that you want to pay with Apple pay. This amount will be deducted from your apple accounts as well and credit to the other person.

15. Bolder and Bigger Text

Sometimes, the text needs to be bolder and bigger to deliver a good outline. The default setting of the iPhone typography might be too small. So to enable this in your settings app, go to Display & Brightness text size and bold size Confirm your sizes.

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