How To Use Dual Whatsapp In One Phone

How To Use Dual Whatsapp In One Phone

Several WhatsApp users dislike the fact that they will mix one part of their life with another. Many of them would be using the same personal WhatsApp for business and other purposes. This keeps WhatsApp data messy. You don’t want to be in the middle of an important business conversation and then you receive another emergency personal message. If you are someone that rotates around them a lot, there might be a mistake and finally not understanding the messages of all.

Similarly, almost all Android phones make use of dual SIM storage. This means two different phone numbers can be used on that device. With that, these users may prefer a dual WhatsApp account on that same phone.

It is not like it is not possible to USD two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, but the WhatsApp policies state that there can be two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. This means even if your phone has a dual SIM insert, you will still have to use two phones to manage two WhatsApp. Well, you wouldn’t have to waste your money to buy another phone just to use another WhatsApp (but this is definitely after reading these full articles)
If you wish to make use of dual WhatsApp in One Phone, we have a simple and easy guide to do that. This is what this article is made of because you are going to learn 3 incredible methods to create, maintain and manage two WhatsApp on one phone.

How To Use Dual Whatsapp In One Phone

How To Use Dual Whatsapp In One Phone

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone: 3 Easy Steps

There are 3 easy ways to make use of two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. We will explain each of these methods in detail as we article forward in this article. These methods will work for both dual SIMs phones and iOS devices so be rest assured that no matter the manufacturer of your phone, there is a way out.

Method 1:

Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone With WhatsApp Business

The simplest method you will see out there when it comes to using two WhatsApp on the same phone is using the Whatsapp Business app. WhatsApp business is an app created by WhatsApp to turn over the necessity of the messaging app business tools. Most importantly, many organisations and businesses are making use of WhatsApp to connect among teams, improve collaboration, ensure communication and finally automate customers. This WhatsApp business comes with a lot of tools that can help you with customer satisfaction even if you are not online. This method works for both Android devices and iOS devices since you can always find this WhatsApp business app on Google Play Store and the Apple store.

Similarly, this app has been created with such an approach that it can be good for personal users as well. So, whether you are running a business on WhatsApp or you are just using WhatsApp for personal use, WhatsApp business is a very good alternative.

1. Open the Google play store app or apple store and search for the WhatsApp business app. You can also choose to download it on google play store from here and apple store from here.

2. After the app has been installed on your phone, launch the app from the app launcher or even better from the home screen of your phone.

3. Use your other number (the one that has not to be registered with a
WhatsApp before) to start the set-up process. So, input the number in the required section.

4. You will need to input the OTP sent to the number. This OTP is used to verify if you are the ideal owner of the number. There is a chance for autofill if you have the number on the same phone but if not you have to type the 6 digit code In the required space.

5. After which you will be asked to enter your personal information. Some of the information you will be required to input are your name, business name, kind of business, category and so on. But if you are planning to use the WhatsApp business for a personal account, you can just type in your personal information and live out the business requirements.

6. Don’t forget to choose a personalized profile picture. Businesses have a logo or banner, add this to your profile pics. If your WhatsApp business account is personal you can just go for the personal update instead.

7. Finally, complete your profile. Allow WhatsApp business to get the required access to your contact and maybe social media pages.

Just like WhatsApp, this WhatsApp business has the same build-up but it comes with more tools used for business. If you want to limit yourself to your account, you can just leave the business tools and continue with your normal messaging, videos call, voice call and so on.

That being said, there are ways we can delve more into this topic. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone without downloading WhatsApp business. You won’t even need to install any third-party app except if your phone does not come with some personal tools. Nevertheless, this is the most used method for two WhatsApp account on the same phone. It is very safe and highly recommended.

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Method 2:

Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone With Parallel Space

We were talking about a special feature that your phone must-have. Although this does not come with every phone, recent Android phones have this feature that allows you to clone an application that is acknowledged by the feature. This feature also depends on Manufactures because we have seen so many of them that have always added this feature to their phones. This app or feature can emulate another app and can make it work the same way as the other app. This means that there is a chance for you to get a secondary WhatsApp on your phone without even installing it. This app that is cloned will launch and have the same tools as the normal WhatsApp.

Manufacturers – like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Asus, Vivo, Huawei and so on – are known to have this feature in default on their Operating systems. While some other manufacturers do not have this feature by default, you can search for this kind of apps on your Google Play store account. There are many kinds of apps perforations, some of which are Dual App, Parallel Space, Clone App and so on.

For instance, when you look at Samsung phones, you will find an app called Dual Messenger, it is the cloning app for Samsung as you can find them when you go to Settings > Advance features > Dual Messenger. Also another Manufacturer, Asus refer to their cloning app to be a twin app and it performs this same cloning function. So, if you don’t have this app by default on your mobile phone, you can always download some apps that perform the same function.

Here are the steps to clone this app on your mobile phone. Almost all the apps have the same simple interface that you can easily use but follow these steps as explained.

1 Install the app to your phone if you did not have this by default on your phone.

2. Launch the app after you have successfully installed it.

3. You will see a list of apps that can be cloned (Not all as can be cloned with these apps).

4. Click on WhatsApp and confirm that you want to clone the app.

5. Within a few seconds the cloning process will be complete. If it is not complete don’t go to the next step.

6. After completion, minimize the app and go to your home screen or app launcher. You will see a secondary WhatsApp already created. You can confirm by checking if your normal WhatsApp is still there.

7. After which you can launch the new app.

8. Register your secondary phone number and follow the same instruction you have used for your primary WhatsApp account.

9. Finish this registration and you are good to go with your secondary WhatsApp registration.

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Method 3:

Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone With GB WhatsApp

This is the least recommended method of using two dual WhatsApp on your phone. It does not necessarily mean you can’t use this app, but some factors are associated with the use.

GB WhatsApp is a pirate or mod of WhatsApp which is created by some programmer and there is no support of the primary developers of WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons this app is the least recommended. Another thing is that you can not find this app on the play store, only the APK is available. This is another reason many do not trust it but it is very easy to use and comes with a lot of tools. Unfortunately, any error from your side can cause the permanent banning of your phone number from WhatsApp.

1. Download and Install Gb Whatsapp APK from here.

2. Launch the app on your app launcher.

3. Enter your mobile number in the required section and confirm the ownership with the OTP.

4. Continue your registration just like normal WhatsApp.

5. After completion you can start using this app as an alternative to your primary phone number.

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