How To Install PPSSPP Games on Android

How To Install PPSSPP Games on Android.

PPSSPP games are the mobile designed games of PSP. These games are mostly played on Playstation consoles but they have been modified to fit into the Android system. The PPSSPP application is the console that makes it very easy to play PSP games on Android phones.

Just like the consoles themselves, PPSSPP is the application that keeps all the games for easy portability and compatibility. With that, you can play as many games that can be accessed with PPSSPP. This article will be a subject on how to install and play PSP games on your Android phone without undergoing any problem. Even it is one of the simplest things to do once you have the available materials.

PSP games (Playstation portable games) can be played on an Android with at least 1GB of RAM and must be tweaked somehow to adapt to the PPSSPP on Android. Also, have an updated android system, this will help you. You should have a strong cellular network connection or better still a perfect wifi connection.

If you have read this article to this point, it means you are keen on learning how to install and play PPSSPP games on Android. Without much ado, we are going to go deep on this as we progress in this article.

Steps Required To Download And Install PPSSPP games on android.

Installing PPSSPP games is another easy idea you can get from this article. It might not be like the normal installation from Google play store but you would not risk the enjoyment you will get from the installed game. Seriously, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Once you follow these steps once, you can never undergo any issues with setting up the game.

Below are the steps required to install and download PPSSPP games on Android:

Step 1: Download and Install the PPSSPP Android emulator

PPSSPP Android emulator is the mobile application for PPSSPP. It is an app with inherent features. It brings back the same feeling you get from controlling the consoles. Just like how the console looks, the PPSSPP Android emulator has controls that help you move the characters of the game. Without this App, it is impossible to play PSP games on Android without a PPSSPP Android emulator. There isn’t just this kind of app for Android, there are for Samsung, Laptop and every other portable device that is not a console. For Android, just download and PPSSPP Android emulator from your Android.

There are two types of PPSSPP Android emulators. The premium version and the paid version are bother used for playing games. The premium version is that with a blue icon while the premium version has a Gold icon. Mostly, people are used to the free version of PPSSPP. While the paid version has distinct and more exciting features for playing games with a one-time payment of $4.99.

Go to playstore and search for PPSSPP Android emulator, both the Gold PPSSPP (premium type) and the free PPSSPP will be displayed, you just have to pick your choice and download. If you download the Gold PPSSPP, you will still have to pay $4.99.

After downloading the PPSSPP Android emulator of your choice, launch the app to see what is inside it. It is just empty without any game except the programmed features. PPSSPP Android emulator does not come with games, you have to install the games yourself. This will be discussed subsequently but you need to understand that PPSSPP does not support the files of every game. Just some certain files and that is the reason you can not play the normal Android Games with the PPSSPP Android emulator. The main formats that are supported are the ISO and ICO files.

Nevertheless, PSP games can work on many Android emulator apps. However, the approach that the PPSSPP Android emulator features used to quality the PSP games is very unique. Such that it is the list of generally acceptable apps around the world. So, how do we install games on this PPSSPP app without any serious problem?

How To Install PPSSPP Games On Android

How To Install PPSSPP Games on Android

Recall, games don’t come as default PPSSPP. You will have to install your games after you have downloaded the PPSSPP app. Even it is of no use to download the PPSSPP app when you don’t have a game to play. These games to be installed are the Android duplicate for the games played on the console.

The biggest issue surrounding the installation of this game is that you might have downloaded the game on your phone and you will still not get to install it. Of course, some factors might not allow you to install or play those games with your PSSPP emulator. The most subjective of all those factors is the kind of file you are installing. In this case, there is another app you will have to install but you have to download the games from credible sources or better use in the play store to download those games. There are varieties of games for you ranging from the sectors that you like to be part of. If you are a football lover, there is a PES Football game for you. Also, thrillers, intelligence, horrors and so on are available for download and you can play them on PPSSPP once it is supported by the emulator.

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Step 3: Download RAR archived App

If after downloading the game you notice that it is not compatible with PPSSPP due to the kind of file it is, then you should download an app that can convert it to another file format. This means that If your file is not in the .iso or .ico format and you find it in another format like .rar, .7z, ZIP, then you should change it to the required playable format.

If that is not the case, once you install your game to the phone, it will automatically get saved in the PPSSPP folder of your phone and it means you can install it directly without converting it to another file. However, it is almost impossible to get this.

So all you have to do is to change the game file to that supported by PPSSPP so it can be installed and played using the mobile console emulator. Below are the steps required to do this:

1. Go to google play store, download Rar Archiver.
2. After download, launch the app and you will be given a list of files. Go to where your PSP game files are saved.
3. Identify the game file you wants to convert and click on it. It will display the .iso and the .ico format of the file afterwards.
4. Hold down the game file format of .ico or .cso format until you have seen a drop-down menu. On that menu click on the extract file option.
5. After that, you will have to choose where the extracted files will be saved. Just click on the PPSSPP folder and save the new file format of the game in the folder.

That been done, you have been able to finally change the game file to one that you can install and play on your PPSSPP emulator app since it’s supported. So, for you to confirm the installation of this app on your phone, follow these steps in detail:

1. Launch your PPSSPP emulator app whether it is the premium or the free type. It is the same interface we are going to work with.
2. You will see a new icon on your dashboard showing which game was installed. If it is not there, it would be better to go back to that step and retry again.

Installing The PSP Games From The Laptop

Sometimes, we might not have the game on the phone as explained before. Even it is now very easy to install since the laptop would have it in the supported .iso and .ico format.

Everything you will do here is also within the app itself. Before you can install the game from your laptop, the laptop must have the game already. This game must be in the supported formatted such that it can be playable as soon as it is installed from the laptop. Here are the steps to install the app on your phone:

1. Launch the app and allow the permission of the app for your system storage. Select the option “Give PPSSPP permission to access storage”.
2. From the pop-up menu, click on allow.
3. Connect your android phone to the laptop through Bluetooth or USB. Make sure you were notified about the connection between the phone and the laptop.
4. Go to the folder in which the downloaded game is saved. Even you can immediately search for that game online and download it on your laptop. Just make sure you have identified the location of the game.
5. Hold down that game such that you can copy it.
6. Go to your phone PSP folder and paste the game into it.
7. Go back to your phone screen and click Games in the options
8. You will see a file called the PSP which is where the games were saved and click on it.
9. Click on the game and save it to your PPSSPP.

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