10 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

10 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Phone batteries portray the qualities that they are products of technology and machines. They undergo wear and tear which finally result in the fast draining of the battery. Meanwhile, this wasn’t how it was bought. The brand new battery uses more than 5 minutes to get reduced by 1 percent when using it. Until that time comes when you have to manage 4 percent out of your 5 minutes.

Some batteries have been created in such a way that they can work non-stop for 3 years without their quality reduction. with a lack of maintenance, I can assure you that your phone’s battery will be a nightmare within a month.

The rate of your phone battery draining down increases by age. This is something frustrating. Especially if you have just bought your phone and you are still looking for way more years to use it. The battery is usually not the same again. That first day you started using your phone, you loved how long it took before the battery percentage reduces. Unfortunately, that would be a heartbroken story in a matter of time if you are not managing it so well.

So, to save you from all these issues regarding your battery capacity and how you can maintain its usage, we are giving away the most important tips to make your phone battery last longer. Such that if it is due to use 2 years to maintain its brand new battery capacity, it will take more than that. Instead of the otherwise which is much less than 2 years.

10 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

10 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

1. Avoid Overcharging

The first thing you should look out for is overcharging. You should avoid overcharging your phone battery. Charging your phone overnight is a bad idea as we. You can not wake up or be alerted when your phone gets to 100%. Once your phone attains the maximum percentage and it is still being charged, the problem starts from there.

When we leave our phones to continue charging overnight and this becomes a habit, then you are joking about the life span of your battery. Also, we like to forget our phones while charging during the day.

The result of overcharging your phone is a bit deteriorating. At first, the metallic lithium of your phone suffers a lot. This results in some of the malfunction of your phones and specifically the issue of not lasting long. Due to this, some recent phones have a feature that helps to maintain overcharging. It works in such a way that once your phone battery reaches 100% and you are still charging it, the battery percentage reduces to 98% and then charges to 100% again. This is how the process continues to go but beware of this because this feature will soon fade out and the problem becomes even worse. So, it is better to overcharge your phone.

2. Imbibe Partial Charging

This requires you to avoid charging your phone within 70%-80%. You should also prevent your phone battery from going down less than 20%. You don’t have to fully charge your phone which might later result in overcharging. When you leave your phone to completely die, the metallic kitiuk gets strained and this is the starting point of its problem. The lifespan of your battery is under threat if you use your phone up to 0% and leave it in its charging for a very long time after it is full.

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3. Avoid Overheating

When you charge your phone, it is advisable to avoid overheating. It is normal for your phone to warm when it is charging. You have to keep the focus any time it starts overheating. This is not just dangerous for the battery but you are also taking a big risk. When the temperature is too high, the intensity of the electric current would be too much. That can cause electrocution if it is not properly monitored. Make sure your phone is just warm and not a high temperature that you can feel with your palm. To avoid killing your battery before its time, keep the temperature in check always.

You can also keep your phone cool by removing the phones pouch, avoid keeping it in the sun and prevent overuse

4. Decrease Battery Drain

Avoid using your phone all the time. When you use your phone for too long, the battery drains easily and there is a big problem. Also, some underground apps drain your battery and you are not even aware of the. Even when you are not using your phone, they still drain your battery. This is a very big issue if you are not aware of those apps. These apps might not even be useful on the phone but they are there to draw your batteries.

Your wifi and cellular data drain your battery very fast but you aren’t a wee of that since you are either enjoying browsing or streaming videos. Also, your bluetooth is something that you should be wary of. If possible, you can leave out Bluetooth and share your files through other file sharing services. Also, make sure your phone brightness is decreased. This might be another cause that you are not even thinking of as well.

5. Avoid Pressing Your Phone While Charging.

This is one of the most vulnerable causes of damage to batteries. It is the fastest way to destroy your battery. It is just like letting your battery commit suicide while doing two things at a time. It is getting charged and unfortunately losing power. Using your phone while charging is very bad. You are putting your life in danger as well.

According to some research, once you are using your phone while charging, whether playing games or picking calls, you are getting electrocuted bit by bit. It is better to key the battery charge first before you continue using it. Some horrible scenes have revealed that phones even get overheated and finally explode when it is being used during the charging process. Your battery lifespan is very important than what you are doing at that time.

6. Use the Original Charger

Use the original charger of your phone. Do not give excuses that it doesn’t charge fast. The manufacturer of your phone knows what is best for the battery. Always use the required amount of voltage and power of your charger even if you would not use the one that is packed for you. If you mistakenly use a charger with a high electricity supply, a problem would a ruse, later on, reasonable enough to result in total damage to your battery.

If your character is not good anymore or you don’t like it, just look for a charger that can charge your phone normally. Not one that will be too fast and finally result in problems.

7. Remove unnecessary Applications

As explained earlier, some apps are just so irrelevant on the phone. They can be the cause of your battery getting drained even though you aren’t using them. Delete some of those apps because they will only perform the miracle on your battery later on. If your phone has a freezer, it is better to move this kind of app to the freezer. If you don’t use an app very often, just find a way to go about it. There is another reason your battery longevity would not be guaranteed.

In addition, if it is possible turn off the location on your phone. This might drain your phone as well. It is a feature that can cause long term damage just like mobile data and cellular data.

8. Maximize Battery Life From The Manual

There are ways you can maximize the life of your battery instead of removing unnecessary applications. Most phones made of inbuilt batteries are very strong and are made of metallic lithium-ion. They have high intensity and do not get damaged easily. They take up to 2 years before getting damaged at all but good maintenance can improve life.

In the phone’s manual, a lot of information has been started which can help to maximize battery life. There are things that you can look at instead to improve your battery life. Some precautions and tips are stated in these manuals, manuals as well to maximize the life of your phone battery.

9. Do not Keep Battery Saver On Everytime

Another big problem here is keeping your battery saver on all the time. The main function of the battery is to keep your phone’s battery in the right mode when you don’t have access to enough power but using this battery saver all the time can destroy your phone. It is really bad to charge your phone up to 100% and you still try to keep your battery saver in again. This will continue to damage your battery and the battery saver feature will continue to lose its function. A time will come when the battery saver will not even switch on or switch off anymore even when it is charging.

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