Top 14 Best Android Apps You Must Have In 2021

Top 14 Best Android Apps You Must Have.

Some android is specifically created for the best purposes on Android. There are too many apps for this purpose. Millions of apps are registered on the play store whether paid or free. Play Store houses a lot of apps that can be used for any purpose.

There is no particular app to pick on the play store for specific purposes. But after a lot of tests and errors, we have resulted in 14 different android apps that you will never regret downloading for your Android phones. The fact that even if you go to the play store you will find any of these apps that interest you but you still don’t know if you are to download them.

Essential Apps You Should Download To Your Android Phone

We have narrowed down the 14 best apps tested and trusted for our Android phone. This doesn’t mean you should download all these apps, it’s just that you need to imagine how good those apps can be.

Top 14 Best Android Apps You Must Have In 2021

Top 14 Best Android Apps You Must Have

1. LastPass Password Manager:

LastPass password manager is an app that serves a whole lot of security purposes for android users. Our passwords need to be secured. Many websites and apps have started curing the use of passwords to be a user of the site. These passwords must be strong enough such that they should be impossible to crack for anyone. Not to forget that you must not use the same passwords all through your websites. The last pass makes it very easy to manage and create passwords for anything we do on our mobile phone and it is just free to use.

LastPass password manager will help you create a very secured passwords for the privacy of your materials on the phone. Once you use the passwords created by the app, it will immediately identify them such that it helps you to save those passwording encrypted containers.

2. Facebook And Messenger

Facebook is used by 3 billion users around the world. It is the biggest social media site in the world. It offers the best option for many lifestyle actions including taking a nap. You can’t just stay without it once you have tasted the fantastic enjoyment of using Facebook. This app is very easy to use. It doesn’t need you to go to the help section before understanding how to use it.

Messenger is the main messaging app for Facebook users. Only with messenger can you access Facebook messages from friends and families. It doesn’t offer these alone as it helps you filter different kinds of messages and also store them for future purposes.

3. WhatsApp

This is another very big part of these social messages. You can connect to people around the world with messages. It is the best messenger in the world. The new interface and innovations in WhatsApp are what you should check out now. It also allows you to make voice calls, video calls, send video clips, pictures, audio, or text messages.

4. Skype

Skype is an online video meeting app. You can have a video call with anyone anytime when you have a perfect connection. Just that it only works for a maximum of 25 people at a time. This means you can have a video call with 25 people at the same time. This app is owned by the giant Microsoft and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is the most used app for formal meetings and chats.

5. Spotify

Spotify is used for playing and downloading music. This app works for both the free and the premium versions. Not that they are even different in any way but premium users do not include ads, unlike the free Spotify. All the same, Spotify is one of the best music streaming sites. You can always trust Spotify for your rhythm and musical enjoyment.

6. Google Fit

Well, this is a fitness app. Google gives you the best advice on how you can improve your body fitness. Google values this fitness app to the extent that some Android phones have pre pre-installed version of Google Fit. So, you should also download this app if you do not have it on your phone. It does not give you fitness tips alone, it also helps to monitor the walking, running, and movements during these fitness exercises. Also, it gives you recommendations on how you can improve your performance during any of your fitness workouts.

7. Google Translate

Google has more than 1000 websites recognized. This allows it to understand all the certain requirements to change one language to another. This helps you to understand any language no matter the location. You can always ask google translate to help you with certain messages. Google translate also offers the chance to scan particular words and translate them to another language.

8. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook is a guaranteed free email tool on phones. This is another app added to the credits of Microsoft in this article. This app is also part of the tools in Microsoft 365. It is also featured in many other tools including the Apple Cloud and Microsoft exchange, making it available on both Android and iOS devices. With all of this opportunity of exchanging emails, filtering emails, grouping emails and so on, it does not require any payment.

9. G-Ma il

Gmail is another app that is very important on Android. It comes as a free tool for email exchange. It is already pre installed on virtually every Android phone. It is the most used tool for emails and allows for the sharing of information around the internet. Most importantly it is available offline and also free. It works just like the outlook but has some unique characteristics that should be considered. This Gmail also allows you to Connects to all your contacts from around the world.

Similarly, there is another app known as the inbox which also provides more flexible and additional features to the popular Gmail. You can download in your x and use it with Gmail when you need more tools for your email.

10. Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic gallery app that helps to save all your photos. You can search all your saved items for sure in these google photos. This is unlike the normal gallery which requires manual search for any of your photos. Once you search, you get the most related search materials.

This app has unlimited cloud storage for your photos. It is a very efficient app for managing photos on the phone. Although you might have a default gallery app, you should still try to look into this app and see what it would offer you.

11. Xender – File Transfer & Share

There is always a way to share data between different systems. There have been many apps that help with this file-sharing over the years but none of them can be compared to Xender. Hot knot, Bluetooth, USB sharing, none has a better user experience like Xender. You can easily transfer files in a faster and simple condition. You just need a perfect connection between the two devices which doesn’t even take minutes to do this.

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12. Instagram

Instagram is the next most populated social media around the world after Facebook and it is still running towards this. Instagram provides a lot of additional information and resources to enjoy your phone during your free time. It allows you to make live video coverage tongue the whole e world and also send personalised messages with relations. If you have photoshop experience, then you are also going to love the great editing tools that are showcased in these apps.

13. Amazon and Kindle

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world. You can always trust this brand for any of your online purchases. Now instead of visiting their website to order for your needs, there is a better app you can just download. Amazon has a wide variety of products displayed in its online stores. You can also fund anything you want which is very close to you. There is even an opportunity for shipping around countries. So, instead of wasting your time on their website, their app is more portable and easy to use. Just search for what you need, order it and its price, it is going to be delivered.

Top 14 Best Android Apps You Must Have

A certain part of Amazon is kindle. This is like a bookshop on Amazon. Many writers leverage on Kindle to sell most of their goods and services. Just like a book shop, you choose your genre of books, pay for it with your credit card and get your books delivered to your email. Now, it is easier to carry out transactions on kindle with the kindle app. It is available on iOS and Android.

14. Truecaller

Truecaller is a mobile app that makes calling and exchange of information very easy. This app provides free messaging services for you and can help you to manage both your calls and messages. Also, true caller allows you automatically identify private calls. It also gives you the ability to call and record phone calls. You can download truecaller from the play store.

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